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Celebrating 10yrs of Breeding Miniature Horses!

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In 2005 we purchased our first Miniature Horse and have since grown to just under 20 Miniature Horses. All of our Miniature Horses on our farm are double registered with American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) as well as the American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR). Our Miniatures are carefully selected for correct conformation, athletic ability and pleasant temperament. Our horses must be of sound mind and body before entering our herd as broodmares or a breeding stallion. Once they have joined our broodmare band they are only bred on a very limited basis. All our horses are introduced to our children at young age, which helps us ensure that we have calm horses that are not spooked by the slightest noise or movement. We pride ourselves in producing all round performance, halter and companion horses. We do not follow the trends we stay true to our mission and have built our program based on the quality of the horse. We take a great deal of thought and care in our selection of our Miniature Horses and are always looking at enhancing our breeding program and will continue with our focus and mandate of producing a quality Miniature Horse with color as an added extra.

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