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What's in the Tank?

ARG Hector 1777 - Shorthorn bull

ARG Hector 1777

Reg: X-[CAN]M481790 (100%)

Sire: Roosmo Matias Star 

Dam: Leave Elvira X1013 ET

This was a very special and unique opportunity to secure a small amount of ARG Hector 1777. He is known for producing bulls and females that are stout, deep, and grow remarkably well on forages. His calves are  low maintenance, and easy of fleshing; he moderates size.

JSF Ronan 5H - Shorthorn Bull

JSF Ronan 5H

Reg: X-[CAN]*30568  (96.9%)

Sire: Studer's Universal 10B

Dam: Byland Cindy Beauty5M106

Ronan is a new on the scene with fantastic Calving Ease numbers and is a Cow-maker. He is also a paternal brother to our own bull JSF Lattimer 137K. He is an extremely thick, deep bodied, stout structurally sound bull. His dam is a stunning, up and coming superstar at JSF in North Dakota out of their highest revenue cow family. His Maternal Value ($BMI) promises elite, long-lasting, easy fleshing, valuable daughters with plenty of milk. 

Muridale Thermal Energy 15A - Shorthorn Bull

Muridale Thermal Energy 15A

Reg: X-[CAN]M477341 (100%)

Sire: Saskvalley Tradition 106T

Dam: Muridale Goose 32R 

This guy was suggested to us for a cross to a couple of our girls and after doing our research we took the leap to add him to our AI sires. He is a powerful bull that has outstanding EPD's.

JSF Big Ticket - Shorthorn Bull

JSF Big Ticket 131D

Reg: X-[CAN]M480507 (100%)

Sire: JDMC Big Sky 15X

Dam: KL Gold Rose

We decisided to add JSF Big Ticket to our AI options for his calving ease. We wanted to have more heifer safe options availibe to us. Once again he has a unique pedigree package and is a top performing sire.

Saskvalley Primo 40P - Shorthorn Bull

Saskvalley Primo 40P

Reg:  X-[CAN]M471022 (100%)

Sire:  Saskvalley Ultra 12J

Dam: Saskvalley Patsy 250M

Primo is an older bull who has generated numerous champions and several individuals that have commanded up to five figures with progeny that are moderate, sound, big bodied and heavy structured. They are practical cattle for real world with power and consistency.

AC PLC Power Broker 645 - Shorthorn Bull

AC PLC Power Broker 645 

Reg:  X-[CAN]*25607  (97.3%)

Sire:  JSF Broker 157Z

Dam: Forest Hall Raggedy Ann 113T

Power Broker has superior structure, sound feet in a "no-nonsense bull package. 

Diamond Hendrex - Shorthorn Bull

Diamond Hendrix 2H

Reg: X-[CAN]M483546 (100%)

Sire: Royalla Rockstar K274

Dam: Diamond Zealous Baroness 5Z

We have watched Hendrix right form the start.  We wanted these genetics in our herd. He is producing lower birthweights consistently on a number of different pedigreed females. He has masculine sons with style and appeal as well as feminine females.


Grand Champion Olds Fall Classic

Reserve Grand Champion Farmfair

Weebollabolla Theodore T85 - Shorthorn bull

Weebollabolla Theodore T85

Reg: X-[CAN]M471844 (100%)

Sire: Weebollabolla Qeilpie Q18

Dam: Weebollabolla Nindethana

All though this guy is not in his Sunday suit we couldn't pass the opportunity to purchase some of his semen up as this may be the last of his semen in Canada! There was this lot and 1 other offered, the rest has been shipped back to Australia to Marellan & Royalla to use on their herds. Theodore has calving ease, excellent fleshing ability and maternal calving ease.  His sons & daughters are sound, structured and fertile.

Bayview Unique - Shorthorn bull

Bayview Unique K11

Reg: X-[CAN]M480935 (100%)

Sire: Lake Hawdon Don Bradman D11 

Dam: Bayview Miss Betty F17

Unique was the Reserve National Champion Bull in Australia in sold for $30,000 in the National sale in Dubbo. There have been some excellent reports of his calves in Australia, and his first son sold for $12,000 in the National sale. 

AF SL Sin City Shorthorn Bull

AF SL Sin City

Reg:  X-[CAN]AR14558 (81.3%)

Sire:  CF Trump X 

Dam: NPS Mirage 544 ET

Sin City may be an oldie but he is a goodie and I just love the look of this bull. He was a very popular AI sire close to 20 years ago, He left many impressive daughters and herd sires throughout Canada and the US.

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