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Our Females

We want our females to produce feminine, good uddered females that will raise fast growing calves. 


DFJ Maggie 20Y

Reg: X-[CAN]*18952 (95.8%)

Sire: DF Diesel 29W

Dam: DF Maggie 4W

DFJ Maggie 20Y and her dam both had success in the show ring. As a 2 Year old cow calf pair DF Maggie 4W won Grand Champion female at the Canadian Western Agribition 2011 with DFJ Maggie 20Y at foot. Maggie went on to win on her own merits as a bred in 2012. Maggie's pedigree is packed with top quality Shorthorns many of them with highly successful show careers. Maggie is DNA tested 100K for enhanced EPD's and it tested free of known genetic defects.


DFJ Maggie 20Y is bred to ACC Jax 21J for 2023


Hatfield Cheeky 7J

Reg: X-[CAN]F701981 (100%)

Sire: South Valley Famous 12F

Dam: Hatfield Bel Cheeky 3D

Hatfield Cheeky 7J is from the exceptional Cheeky cow family which traces back to Eionmor Stock Farm and Downsview Shorthorns. Cheeky is a stout, big middled maternally stacked heifer.  Her full brother sold in 2022 for $15,000 to the Hatfield Showtime 10K syndicate. We strongly feel with her phenotype and pedigree Cheeky is destined to be a future donor female for our farm. Cheeky is defect free by pedigree.


Hatfield Cheeky 7J is bred to Diamond Lord Belmore 56B for a 2023 calf.


Silverwillow Lassie Nickie 17D

Reg:  X-[CAN]F695599 (100%)

Sire: Muridale Nickel 24Z

Dam: Sillverwillow Lassie 20Y

Lass was my must have cow from the Sillverwillow Dispersal. We liked the look of her deep body clean front as well as her over all balance. She is an easy fleshing cow that we feel will be a great asset to our program. 


Silverwillow Lassie Nickie 17D is bred to Silverwillow Firestorm 545G for a 2023 calf.


Six S Marilyn 68J

Reg: X-[CAN]F701336 (100%)

Sire: Bell M Trainer 17F

Dam: Six S Elsie 16E 

Marilyn is an attractive female with an extremely feminine look. She has an attractive front end, a great spring of rib with a wide top line. Marilyn was selected for our program after we decided we were done for the year, she just was too good to let anyone else have her. Marilyn was purchased from the extremely well known Six S Shorthorns.


She was ai'd to Muridale Phantom 10F and pasture exposed to Glenford De Niro 49J for a 2023 calf.

Sweetgrass Spring Rose 47F


Reg: X-[CAN]*25868 (97.7%)

Sire: PVF Gravity 16C

Dam: Sweetgrass Winter Rose 2D

Sweetgrass Spring Rose 47F  is sired by PVF Gravity 16C who won Reserve Jr. Champion Bull at Farm Fair and Reserve Champion at Lloydminster Stockade Round-up. Her paternal brother was one of the high selling bulls in Canada 2021 for $7000 to Gordon Turner Farms Ltd where he has successfully been used on heifers for the past two breeding seasons.  The maternal sister to Roses dam Sweetgrass Winter Rose 2D just sold at the First Annual Premier Shorthorn Sale CSC Rose 23K sold for $10,000 as a calendar year heifer to Nolan Vandersluis and Brynne Yoder.  Spring Rose's first calf sold as a bull in the 2021 Best Of The West Sale.


 Rose is bred to ACC Jax 21J for a 2023 calf.

cheryl 2023 - 2_edited.jpg

Silverwillow Six S Cheryl 553G

Reg: X-[CAN]F698513 (100%)

Sire: Saskvalley Obligate 206Z

Dam: Six S Cheryl 16C

Cheryl is the type of female that has overall structure and style.  She traces back to the famous Butterfield Shorthorns through the Butterfield Lady cow family which has produced world renowned herd sires. Cheryl is DNA tested 100K for enhanced EPD's and is a DS carrier.


She is bred to Silverwillow Firestorm 545G for a 2023 calf.

Silverwillow Corrine BR 20E


Reg: X-[CAN]F695598 (100%)

Sire: HC Bedrock 73D

Dam: Silverwillow Serg Corrine 2A 

When we heard that the Silverwillow Shorthorn herd dispersing and that they were known for their honesty and integrity we knew we would be attending.  We decided that with the reputation when they said that the Corrines are amongst their best cow families it was paramount we took Corrine BR 20E home. We really liked her overall size and with her great bone structure she has the ability to raise some profitable seed stock for us.


Silverwillow Corrine BR 20E is bred to Silverwillow Firestorm 545G for a 2023 calf.

Dawn 750 2023_edited.jpg

Silverwillow Dawn Rockie 750G

Reg: X-[CAN]F698518 (100%)

Sire: Saskvalley Defender 49D 

Dam: Silverwillow Dawn Rocky 26E

Traces to the foundation Dawn cow family that Dan and Herb Stephenson in 1965.  On her bottom side she is line bred to the Dawn's.  Dawn Rockie is a moderate framed, easy fleshing female with natural volume. We are looking forward to her future here and expect that the Dawn tradition of being a breed changing foundation female carries on.  


Silverwillow Dawn Rockie 750G is bred to Silverwillow Firestorm 545G for a 2023 calf.

26e 2

Silverwillow Dawn Rockie 26E

Reg: X-[CAN]F695530 (100%)

Sire: HC Bedrock 73D

Dam: Silverwillow Serg Dawn 23B

The dam of one of our top picks in of the Silverwillow dispersal.  When she came into the ring before Dawn Rockie 750G we felt we'd double up on the cow family our odds of getting a strong foundation to our Ramblin cow herd. Dawn Rockie 26E is a long spined female, with performance yet she remains the picture of femininity. 


Silverwillow Dawn Rockie 26E is bred to Silverwillow Firestorm 545G for a 2023 calf.

lady 2023 - 2_edited.png

Eastern Slope Fair Lady

Reg: X-[CAN]F696549 (100%)

Sire: Diamond Down Under 3D 

Dam: River Acres Lady 71W

Eastern Slope Fair Lady 41F is the daughter of River Acres Lady 71W a female that only ever changed ownership due to tragic circumstances with the passing of Earl McCorriston. The paternal sisters have produced some note worthy offspring including Diamond Kandy Kane 9K who sold to Barefoot Valley Shorthorns for $7750, as well as the dam of Diamond King of Rock 1K.  To this day Eastern Slope Livestock wishes Fair Lady was still in his program.


Eastern Slope Fair Lady 41F is bred to Silverwillow Firestorm 545G for a 2023 calf.

Strilchuk Fine Penny 13F


Reg: X-[CAN]F697551 (100%)

Sire: Prospect Hill Doc Rama

Dam: Strilchuk Debutante 21D

Strilchuk Fine Penny 13F is a combination of some of the most influential Western Canadian herds including Alta Cedar Shorthorns, Creekside Shorthorns, Muridale Shorthorns, Paintearth Shorthorns, Prospect Hill Shorthorns, and Saskvalley Shorthorns to name a few. When you look into the past you can see how to clearly move forward with the future and this female has the type and pedigree to potentially move us to the next level. 

Penny is bred to Acc Jax 21J for a 2023 calf.

easter 2023 3.jpg

Prospect Hill Easter 68E

Reg: X-[CAN]F695486 (100%)

Sire: Strilchuk Colabello 17C

Dam: Prospect Hill Abracadabra 7A

Prospect Hill Easter 68E was one of our top choices from the the Prospect Hill Dispersal in 2021 as she was a softer and deeper made female. We appreciated Easter and the bull calf she raised by Django and felt she had the makings of a brood cow.


Prospect Hill Easter 68E is bred ACC Jax 21J for a 2023 calf.

ellie 2023 - 2 edit.jpg

Strilchuk Eli Mayflower 7E

Reg: [CAN]F695832 (100%)

Sire: Saskvalley Absolute 125A

Dam: Strilchuk Angeline 5A

Strilchuk Eli Mayflower 7E daughter sold to TGN Shorthorns that they really pleased with. 7E has the maternal traits we appreciate and are looking incorporate such as docility, udder attachment and quality attentive to her calf.


Strilchuk Eli Mayflower 7E is bred to Acc Jax 21J for a 2023 calf.

goldie 2023_edited.jpg

Strilchuk Goldilocks 23G

Reg: X-[CAN]F699006 (100%)

Sire: Prospect Hill Django 31D

Dam: Strilchuk Cinnamon 9C

Strilchuk Goldilocks 23G is by the popular Prospect Hill Django 31D and was purchased in the Prospect Hill/Strilchuk Dispersal 2021.  We tried to purchase females from many different bloodlines so that our foundation herd was diverse in pedigree and consistent in phenotype. 


Strilchuk Goldilocks 23G is bred to Acc Jax 21J for a 2023 calf.


Bar 33 Honor 820H

Reg: X-[CAN]AR30818 (50%)

Sire: Glenford Done Right 15D

Dam: Commercial Shorthorn

Bar 33 Shorthorns sold functional heifers that we added to our commercial program.  When Honor calved 2022 as a 2 year old she raised twins without intervention weaning off over 80% of her body weight.  She bred back early and has earned her way into the purebred program to graded up.  She is 100K tested for enhanced EPD's


Bar 33 Honor 820H bred to Acc Jax 21J for a 2023 calf.

harmony 2023 2 edit_edited.jpg

Bar 33 Harmony 802H

Reg: X-[CAN]AR30817 (50%)

Sire: Bar 33 Bodacious 17B

Dam: Commercal Shorthorn

Harmony's first calf has been retained in our program as one of our top heifers whether bred or purchased.  Both females that we purchased from the Bar 33 program were investments for our commercial program and have earned their way into the purebreds to grade up.  She is 100K tested for enhanced EPD's.

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