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NVR Ginger 8K

Reg:  X-[CAN]*30237 (97.7%)

Sire: Millbrook Fireball 23F

Dam: Hatfield Ginger 6B

Ginger has it all  and was hard to pass her up when the opportunity knocked! She has a natural charisma with great muscle shape and pin width giving her everything she needs to be a great cow. Her pedigree is packed with powerhouse animals. Her Sire and grand sire need no interdiction! We are excited to have this girl here on our farm. 


Ramblin Klassy Gal 119K

Reg:  X-[CAN]*30726 (97.9%)

Sire: HS Freeway 896F

Dam: DFJ Maggie 20Y

Klassy was is one of the first purebred heifers born here on our farm. Her dam was purchased as a bred cow from the Sweetgrass dispersal and this was the resulting calf. We retained her as we feel she will make a great out cross cow for our program. 

kustom color.jpg

Ramblin Kustom Color 108K

Reg:  X-[CAN]AR30929 (75%)

Sire: Hatfield Clipper 91G

Dam: Bar 33 Harmony 802H

Color is a Shorthorn Plus she was a definite keeper. She has a lot going for her with her big frame feminine head and good depth of body and strong genetics.


Ramblin Kit Kat116K

Reg:  RRS 116K (RE)   (100%)

Sire: Prospect Hill Home Run 12H

Dam: Strilchuk Fine Penny 13F

Kit Kat is out of one of the very first registered Shorthorn bred cows we purchased. She has a feminine head, a great topline and wonderful udder placement.

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