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JSF Lattimer 137K

Canadian Reg: X-[CAN]*31354 (96.2)

American Reg:  *X4338169 (96.88)

Sire: Jake's Reincarnation 228Y

Dam: ND Miss Spike 14B3

JSF Lattimer 137K has an outcross pedigree here in Canada that we feel brings a lot to the table from every angle. With his excellent scan, fantastic calving ease numbers, deep rib shape and easy fleshing ability made him a must have herdsire for us.

Lattimers sire Jakes Reincarnation 228Y is an outstanding performance sire and has produced top quality bulls for Jungles Shorthorns, one being JSF Ronan 5H who is making waves in the Shorthorn world. His dam Miss Spike stems from one of the longest standing Shorthorn herds in the US at North Dakota University and she herself has produce some exceptional offspring.


We were excited to learn that JSF Lattimer 137K compete in the pen classes at Cattleman's Congress in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We feel he is the type of bull that has the ability to make a strong positive impact on the Shorthorn breed here in Canada. 

Lattimer is genomic tested and has been tested free of TH, DS, PHA and Myostatin variants.


Hatfield Greg 628K

Reg: X-[CAN]M486244 (100%)

Sire: Hargrave 2005 Harry 5H

Dam: Dollar Creek Maria 15G

We’ve been seeking herdsires that combine the genetic background to sire both herd bulls and foundation females that are both functional and have style. We ultimately decided Greg best suited our needs with an excellent scan and performance.


Greg also comes back with a unique pedigree sporting herdsires that are renowned for being able to produce both genders with great success. Some examples are Paintearth Rama 53U, Crooked Post Grissom 24T and JSF Guage 137W on the bottom side of the pedigree. The top side of the pedigree includes Crooked Post Stockman 4Z, Weebollabolla Theodore T85 and Waukaru Gold Mine 2109.


Greg has phenomenal phenotype and is backed by a herd that performs well in a low input environment.

Greg is genomic tested and has been tested free of TH, DS, PHA and Myostatin variants.

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