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Ramblin Ranch started out as a commercial cow/calf operation just northwest of Calgary in Rocky View County, AB, where we are still based today. Jeremy was involved in the livestock industry from an early age. growing up on his family farm that ran as a mixed farm operation. He was involved in sheep 4-H and had his own flock for several years and worked in the agricultural industry for many years learning the ins and outs. He has been with Alta Genetics (Peak Genetics) for the last 15 years giving him great insight into the beef industry, allowing us to use this knowledge to propel our breeding program.

Christine was raised a city girl who grew up having a love of riding and showing horses. This love of the horses led herto start her own breeding program. Christine did all the training, conditioning, clipping and showing of the horses on the farm. This hard work, determination and time brought her program to the limelight, producing some of the top Miniature Horses in Canada for many years. She took the time to learn marketing, graphic design, and web design to promote the program and it soon turned into a side job designing for other farms.

Together they have two fantastic kids, A son who is enjoying showing and raising the cattle and their daughter who shares a passion for the horses and continues to show the Miniature Horses. 
In 2019 after years of raising Dorset sheep we decided to disperse our flock, and we no longer breed Miniature Horses. With this void, we decided to return to the cattle industry, but this time a purebred operation. We did a lot of research on the different cattle breeds and felt Shorthorns would be a good fit. The Shorthorn had the moderate size, strong maternal traits, docility, and increased calving ease that we were looking for in a breed. We also felt this breed had room for growth and was gaining popularity within the beef industry. 
We are applying and adapting what we have learned in other industries to our cow calf operation, to build a program that will raise functional, structurally correct Shorthorns. Our goal is to produce practical, easy fleshing, functional cattle, that are competitive in the show ring and powerful in the pasture; an animal that any producer would be proud to have in their field.
Grand Champion Miniature Mare

Jeremy& Christine

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