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Shorthorns For Sale

Hatfield Greg 628K

Reg: X-[CAN]M486244 (100%)


Sire: Hargrave 2005 Harry 5H

Dam: Dollar Creek Maria 15G

Hatfield Greg 628K is a 2yr old bull that has an excellent scan and good performance numbers at the Manatoba Bull Test Station. Greg also has phenomenal phenotype and is backed by a herd that performs well in a low input environment. He is easy to handle and keeps his condition while working. He is a solid made bull that we feel is to good to ship.


Greg has a unique genetic background and has produce a good number of retention females for us.

He is genomic tested and has been tested free of TH, DS, PHA and Myostatin variants.

Thank you to all our bull 2024 buyers!

We look forward to our fall heifer offering in the Northern Roses Sale!

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"The Shorthorn Advantage"


"No other breed can so ideally combine maternal attributes, carcass traits and docility in a beef animal, making shorthorns the total package choice for a purebred breeder and a commercial cattleman looking for the best possible cross."

- Canadian Shorthorn Association

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