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Ai Sires

We plan to use AI sires heavily for the first couple of years to grow our program and achieve our goals. With AI we can select the bull that best complements each individual female with in our program. 
Biss Element_edited.jpg

Biss Element 79 370Z

Reg: X-[CAN]*19970  (95.8%)

Sire: DF Pure Gold 3N

Dam: DF Godiva 10U


Byland Flash 9U106

Reg: X-[CAN]*30527  (98.3%)

Sire: Studer's Universal 10B

Dam: Byland Cindy Beauty 5M106

The Closer.png

Six S The Closer 92K

Reg: X-[CAN]*30610  (94.6%)

Sire: Six S Mr. Gus 28G ET

Dam: Shadybrook Lady 80E

byland winchester.jpg

Byland Winchester 7M77

Reg: X-[CAN]*25219   (96.6%)

Sire: JSF Mccoy 39Z

Dam: Byland Ellen 2ER93

ARG Hector 1777 - Shorthorn bull

ARG Hector 1777

Reg: X-[CAN]M481790 (100%)

Sire: Roosmo Matias Star 

Dam: Leave Elvira X1013 ET


Hatfield Andrew 71H

Reg: X-[CAN]M484194  (100%)

Sire: Hatfield Prophecy

Dam: Hatfield Cheeky 71D

JSF Ronan 5H - Shorthorn Bull

JSF Ronan 5H

Reg: X-[CAN]*30568  (96.9%)

Sire: Jakes Reincarnation 228Y

Dam: JSF Roan Rose 36F

Bar 33 Bodacious 17B.jpg

Bar 33 Bodacious 17B

Reg:  X-[CAN]M477689 (100%)

Sire:  Bell M Milwakee

Dam: Bar 33 Irish Lassie

DF PURE GOLD 3N_edited.jpg

DF Pure Gold 3N

Reg:  X-[CAN]12060 (100%)

Sire:  Byland Gold Spear

Dam: DF Starlet 1K

Diamond Hendrex - Shorthorn Bull

Diamond Hendrix 2H

Reg: X-[CAN]M483546 (100%)

Sire: Royalla Rockstar K274

Dam: Diamond Zealous Baroness 5Z

Saskvalley Primo 40P - Shorthorn Bull

Saskvalley Primo 40P

Reg:  X-[CAN]M471022 (100%)

Sire:  Saskvalley Ultra 12J

Dam: Saskvalley Patsy 250M

AC PLC Power Broker 645 - Shorthorn Bull

AC PLC Power Broker 645 

Reg:  X-[CAN]*25607  (97.3%)

Sire:  JSF Broker 157Z

Dam: Forest Hall Raggedy Ann 113T


HC Bluebook 22B

Reg: X-[CAN]M478041 (100%)

Sire: Waukaru Orion 2047 ET

Dam: HC FL Sparkle Delight 2X

Bayview Unique - Shorthorn bull

Bayview Unique K11

Reg: X-[CAN]M480935 (100%)

Sire: Lake Hawdon Don Bradman D11 

Dam: Bayview Miss Betty F17

JSF Big Ticket - Shorthorn Bull

JSF Big Ticket 131D

Reg: X-[CAN]M480507 (100%)

Sire: JDMC Big Sky 15X

Dam: KL Gold Rose


Prospect Hill Django 31D

Reg: X-[CAN]M479414  (100%)

Sire: Creekside Ruffian 11A 

Dam: Prospect Hill Xauna 3X


Crooked Post Compass 30J

Reg: X-[CAN]M484980  (100%)

Sire: Crooked Post Curfew 8F

Dam: Crooked Post Minnie 5A

Weebollabolla Theodore T85 - Shorthorn bull

Weebollabolla Theodore T85

Reg: X-[CAN]M471844 (100%)

Sire: Weebollabolla Qeilpie Q18

Dam: Weebollabolla Nindethana


JSF Manhattan 194J

Reg: X-[CAN]M485859  (100%)

Sire: JSF Times Square 120G ET

Dam: ND Orange Blossom 26X3

AF SL Sin City Shorthorn Bull

AF SL Sin City

Reg:  X-[CAN]AR14558 (81.3%)

Sire:  CF Trump X 

Dam: NPS Mirage 544 ET


Prospect Hill Galahad 16G

Reg: X-[CAN]M479414  (100%)

Sire: Prospect Hill Banner Eagle 44B

Dam: Prospect Hill Zee Candy 40Z

Waukaru Pendleton 0061.jpeg

Waukaru Pendleton 0061

Reg: X-[CAN]M485009  (100%)

Sire: Muridale Thermal Energy 15A

Dam: Waukaru Red Nan 6119 

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